These 7 Seven Mouthwatering Flavors from Popcorn Shed Are Must Haves for Movie Night


Whenever I plan a movie with my friends, popcorn is must-have to enjoy the movie night, no matter whether the movie is horror, action, thrilling, suspense, comedy, or a love story I always gather my friends and enjoy with plenty of popcorn. We all know about the popularity of popcorn as it became popular at a time when movie theaters desperately needed an economic boost, which is how popcorn got introduced to the silver screen right?

Since then, no movie is complete or fully enjoyed without a bowl of popcorn, whether we go to the cinema or enjoy Netflix at home with family or friends. Although popcorn enhances the movie experience, it is always said taking popcorn or other treats to the cinema or at home may make for a tasty accompaniment.

On the contrary, you can never have a healthy snack like popcorn as it is rich in nutrients, protein, fiber, antioxidants, phosphorous, and even iron that can’t harm your immune system. Do you know? Popcorn is known as a “nutrient-dense” food, which means that it contains a high amount of nutrients and is low in calories that’s why I mostly prefer them when my night cravings awaken. 

Meet The New Exciting Flavors of Popcorn:

Now it has been proven popcorn is one of the world’s healthiest and most popular snack foods. Loaded with important nutrients that offer a variety of health benefits with offering a lot of delicious new flavors.

Yes, I taste so many new flavors of popcorn, and believe me they are just amazing when I buy from Popcorn Shed a super-premium popcorn brand handcrafted in the UK.

They are devoted to making crazy delicious gourmet popcorn for us. They offer many mouthwatering flavors and humble popcorn snacks that power to enhance special moments with friends, family, and loved ones.

The brand is devoted to perfecting popcorn treats associated with joy and happiness by prioritizing flavor and quality that no one offers before. I even tasted almost all the flavors and always enjoyed movie nights with my friends and family. 

In this blog post, I am going to introduce seven amazing mouthwatering flavors of popcorn to enjoy your movie night, keep continue reading to know:

1. Classic Caramel Popcorn Snack Packs:

One of my favorite flavors, Classic Caramel Popcorn Snack Packs the taste is just amazing. I love catching the caramel popcorn wave to taste a sweet golden sunshine in every bite. They are just amazingly delicious rich, creamy, and everything a caramel lover like just like. Handmade with real, all-natural ingredients and an artisanal production process, this caramel popcorn flavor is a true classic I am pretty sure you will love! With these snack packs, you’ll never watch any movie without your favorite caramel popcorn snack ever again as I do. They are not just for enjoying movies but you can take them for lunch boxes, picnics, low-calorie snacking, movie nights, and exciting adventures.

2. Gingerbread Popcorn Snack Packs:

My favorite flavor Gingerbread Popcorn Snack Packs is coated with a rich caramel and infused with a deliciously festive combination of ginger and spices. I really enjoy the taste that complete with warm baked gingerbread undertones and sprinkled with a little Christmas magic, oh wow! It’s the treat of the season, love it! Just taste it and be ready for your favorite time of the year with these handy snack packs, made to enjoy at every time of the day or night. I mostly prefer them for healthy snacking as they are vegan, all-natural, and gluten-free perfect for the whole family.

3. Rainbow Popcorn - 500g Mega Bag: 


Most colorful snack I have ever had in my life and the most amazing taste I ever tasted, they are just magical popcorn. The Rainbow Popcorn is for the bold and brilliant, colorful, and proud-of-it popcorn lovers like me. The whole new 500g popcorn bulk bags are the real deal for a self-proclaimed gourmet popcorn connoisseur looking for the best popcorn or you`re looking for a healthier snack alternative with all the fun and flavor. Made for sharing with friends and family, they are perfect for my movie nights and spending time with friends and family. Wherever you eat this popcorn, you scream for more and more and enjoy that handcrafted in the UK with all-natural ingredients to give you a healthy snack.

4. Say Cheese! Popcorn Snack Packs:

Just say cheese with your friends, family, and loved ones with this amazing flavor Say Cheese! Popcorn Snack Packs. Deliciously rich, ripe, and creamy mature cheddar cheese popcorn is one of my favorites of all. This sharp cheesy flavor is ridiculously addictive and tangy, which is perhaps why it won a Great Taste Award in 2018. Inspired by a quaint farmhouse chateau shed is nestled in an idyllic French village. Made with premium quality handcrafted in the UK with all-natural ingredients and are healthy snacks for cheese lovers. This flavor was carefully selected from a panel of experts for its rich & creamy taste. So be ready to say cheese with this cheesy flavor that is delicious and mouthwatering.

5. Salted Caramel Popcorn Snack Packs:

This is just wow flavor amazing in taste sea-salted buttery caramel with velvety, creamy Belgian milk chocolate. Salted Caramel Popcorn Snack Packs are suitable for vegetarians and are completely gluten-free. Each monster mushroom kernel is air-popped to create fluffy popcorn and then it’s lightly coated with delicious caramel and, drizzled with Belgian milk chocolate, enhancing flavor and mouth-feel. My all-time favorite and ideal for lunch boxes, picnics, low-calorie snacking, and movie nights. This flavor is the winner of a 2016 and 2017, Great Taste Award for Salted Caramel Popcorn Shed, carefully selected from a panel of experts for its rich & velvety taste. They are bestselling flavored and I always enjoy the taste that is perfect for the whole family and move night.

6. White Chocolate Popcorn Snack Packs:

I have another mouthwatering flavor to enjoy White Chocolate Popcorn Snack Packs, a mountain of crunchy popped corn, covered with a smooth caramel base and topped with an avalanche of white chocolate. One of the tasty and rich sweet white chocolate gourmet popcorn is just amazingly awesome. Just get ready to try this scrumptious popcorn snack and taste your favorite flavor. Why not take one of these portion-sized snack packs with you next time you hit the slopes? Oh, you want to try for a movie night well this is also a perfect idea. But it’s good when you take time for some Après Ski with this caramel and white chocolate popcorn! This warm and sweet popcorn flavor will defrost your frozen nose and toes in no-time.

7. Millionaire`s Shortbread Popcorn Snack Packs: