All About CabBazar


When it comes to planning a trip, finding transportation can often be overwhelming. That said, online cab booking services have made this task a bit easier. However, overpricing and security are a few common issues associated with online ride hailing services. This is when the CabBazar comes into the picture. CabBazar is an online ride hailing service that provides affordable and secure service to its customers. 

Following are the complete details regarding CabBazar and how it makes your journey convenient. 

What is Cabbazar

Cabbazar is a leading online platform for online transportation services. The best outstation taxi service in India for a comfortable ride to the airport and other destinations. Whether you have to cover a short journey within the city or have to travel a long way, CabBazar is there for you.  

What CabBazar Offers 

Cabbazar connects travelers with a wide network of cabs, offering convenience, affordability, and peace of mind. 

Here are some core features of the CabBazar services. 

  • Market competitive prices.

  • Round the clock availability of cabs.  

  • You can book a ride with no return fare and without any hidden charges 

  • Professionally trained drivers.

Why Only CabBazar

Following are some more reasons that justify why you should opt for CabBazar. 

  • After each ride, the car undergoes sanitization to ensure cleanliness resulting in a clean and odour free car cabin. 

  • Ride comfortably at affordable prices with no hidden charges and taxes. 

  • Get complete driver details prior to booking the ride.

  • Get a ride always on time.

  • Provide a vast fleet of cabs.

  • Experience riding with gentle and well behaved professional drivers. 

How to Book a Cab with CabBazar

Booking a cab with CabBazar is very simple. Here are the steps for booking cabs with CabBazar. 

  • Visit Cabbazar website or download the mobile app

  • Create an account

  • Select ‘Drop off location’, ‘Car Type’, and ‘Time of Travelling

  • Check for the ratings and reviews of the driver

  • Complete the application and book the ride 

Popular Destinations Covered by CabBazar

Following are some of the most popular routes on which CabBazar offers its services. 

  • Bangalore to Ooty: The total distance between the destinations is 280 km and it takes almost 6.5 hours with CabBazar to cover it. 

  • Delhi to Manali: CabBazar can cover the 540 km distance from Delhi to Manali in just 12 hours. 

  • Mumbai to Shirdi: Passengers can reach from Mumbai to Shirdi in just 4.8 hours. 

  • Delhi to Haridwar: The 210 km distance between Delhi to Haridwar can be covered comfortably with CabBazar in 5.5 hours. 

This is all about Cabbazar work as a user friendly travel service for transportation needs. The service serves its users easy and convenient to transform the way of booking rides into a worry free travel experience.  

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